20 Aug 2017

Goulburn Railway, Riverside and Wetlands, Goulburn New South Wales

We didn't know it was such a scenic, pretty place - the walk alongside the Goulburn river.  We followed it until it led on to the Goulburn Wetlands, which is still under construction and growing all the time.  It reminded me of the type of area you could base a story on.  The "Badlands" in Stephen King's "It" comes to mind.

(If you walk there, look over your shoulder!)

Rail memorabilia.  Note how blackberry has no bounds.  Takes plenty of prisoners! 

Part of the golf course near the river.  What an ideal spot. I can't imagine the number of golf
balls deposited in the river.  We happened to find one as we passed by.  Small things...

A delightful leaf covered bridge on the river walk

A metal "welcome" sign to the arty-sit-area, also alongside the river

War Memorial, Rocky Hill, Goulburn

Swamphens.  Cheeky!

"Ullo ullo ullo.  Who are you, then?"

The Machinist Walks On.

13 Aug 2017

Lake Burley Griffin 4 - Australian Capital Territory

It seems that although Lake Burley Griffin is one vast - well - lake, each direction has different flora and fauna and landscapes.  There's always something that catches my eye.  These geese would have gladly picked at my eye if I had of shown any fear.  

I trembled inside, though.  

Birdlife:  They all wanted to chase me.  But I stood strong.  Gangsters. 

The trunk had split into three lanky branches, which were doing the Mexican wave...

Hey up! Who goes there....?

Silver Birch Splendour 

The Machinist Walks On

Fluff!  I wouldn't have gotten this close if it were Spring.  Lucky that we walked the
Burley Griffin circuit in Winter.

6 Aug 2017

Lake Burley Griffin 3, Australian Capital Territory

As I posted these pics, I realised how blurry they are.  That's because I'm below average on photography skills. Nevertheless, I think you will be able to make out what is going on.  This is another direction of Lake Burley Griffin in our National Capital.  The various Embassies are also in this area.

A wee breeze in the trees.  Not that you could tell with these strong fellas.

Choppy waters

Black Mountain and the Telstra Tower

Part of Yacht Club

How good does the Aussie flag look - towering over the top of autumnal beauty

Bronze galloping horse

Chinese Culture in the Capital
Bronze bird
Living birds of a feather....

This is NOT the place to pee!

The Machinist Walks On

30 Jul 2017

Thoughts on Homeschooling

We didn't know what we were in for - years ago, when the Machinist and I made the decision to homeschool our children.  At the time, our eldest child was in first year high school.  The other two were in Kindergarten and year one - at our local village school.  We hadn't gone to great lengths to actually research homeschooling either, and nor were we then, or now - qualified or professional teachers.

We were moved towards this decision, from a variety of sources - all confirming that we were doing the right thing for our family.

It really doesn't matter why parents decide to homeschool their children.  We had our own personal thoughts, views, reasons which were then and even now - ours alone.

Every family is different.  What is right for one, may not be for another.

The most important thing that matters is that there is a love and vested interest in offspring.  It's not even about education, but rather - to instil a love of learning in each child.

What we know, without doubt, is that if a child loves to learn, delights in every new snippet of discovery, is happy and well balanced - knowledge and understanding will follow.A child can be trusted to learn, as it is in their nature.

We have no regrets about taking our children out of mainstream schooling - to the learning environment of their home.... Absolutely none.

Non je ne regrette rien

And nowadays we continue in the tradition of instilling the love of learning in our grand-daughter and those still to come, whom we love already....

** We now have another three grand-daughters, and the tradition of  encouraging joy, a love of and interest in life and learning continues.

28 Jul 2017

Lake Burley Griffin 2, Australian Capital Territory

Lake Burley Griffin on a sunny day.  Walking in nature actually does something good to my brain and the way I think. 

Views and reeds

Ducks! Oh and if you look at the trees in the distance, they seem to be "dipping" their bottoms
in the lake. 

Yet another angle

Love these bullrushes 

Carillon.  Oh and clover in the foreground 

Black Mountain Tower

The Machinist Walks on

27 Jul 2017


I don’t know exactly what it is about this time of year, but it always brings about a need to start a new house project.

Last year it was all about finishing off our ‘courtyard’ front garden, making it child safe and low maintenance.

This year I find myself with two (!) babies and suddenly realise that our house isn’t as child friendly as I thought it was. Don’t get me wrong, we did the main baby proofing with the arrival of our first; - new fire guard, switched all our cleaning/personal products to nontoxic, no chemical products, secured all plugs and cords as best as we could. However, only having a child in the space can truly test just how prepared we are.  

And we are not there yet.

When we bought our furniture for this house, we were buying furniture for a couple. I still love our choices.  However, I've learnt that sometimes furniture choice can double your workload when you add a curious toddler to the mix.

The number of times I’ve had to rescue balls that rolled under the bookshelves - (yes, they have legs just high enough to collect all the things underneath) and re-stack said bookshelves.  We cannot get doors for these soon enough! I never realised how handy those baby cabinet door locks are until just this past month! 

A few dust bunnies too...

I will definitely be sharing some of these projects as I get to them, however I though it might be fun to talk about some of the random objects we have had lying around  - because my big girl can open every drawer, cupboard and box we have…
A can of tuna in my bathroom, don’t we all keep supplies in there?!

Most nights Lyla stashes something in her daddy’s work boots, this week included a tennis ball, two dummies and an emoji smiley face rubber ball.

My favourite would have to be the random (positive) pregnancy test she’s been leaving around. I only realised after visits from our family that she had it out… Everyone is already thinking we will be announcing another baby soon.  Alas - no, this is the positive tests from finding out about our Ruby.   I have all of her baby things in my side table ready to put in a box and big sissy apparently loves playing with them. 

Case in point, note my conditioner in the corner there?
All this to say, I don’t know about you Mumma’s but I’m tired of packing ‘my’ things away which shouldn’t be out. I’m not talking about toys and crafts, these are my things that I haven’t had out yet they are all over the house. 

I do watch her despite what you might be thinking, but gosh, kids can get into things in seconds. Even as she stands next to me drying my hair, I tip my hair upside down for a few seconds, look back up and all the flannels are thrown around the room. 

Her actual toy box in the lounge room
Things are going to change around here, doors are going to get latched!

Xoxo - Sarah