18 Jul 2017

Grace to Learn

I’m learning to let go as a mummy and give my girl (and myself) grace to learn in her own time.
In my eagerness to teach my bubba new life skills, (like colouring in) I try to control HER creativity. 

Kind of contradictory,  hey! 

We have different styles. Mine is controlled, within the lines and one page at a time. Lyla’s, however is free for all, page turning, and sometimes even includes her snack mingled on the paper.

Although this results in completely tatty colouring books, and markers on the floor  - at the end of the day it doesn't matter, she's creating and learning. 

This week she taught herself a new technique:  Dots.

This marker has seen better days now

Why do they make kids colouring books with such terrible paper, you know the kind I mean, slightly yellowing and very fibrous? Also, none of them are what I would consider ‘nice’ pictures. 

So yes, I buy the adult ones, with great paper that doesn't clog the markers, no bleeding, thicker books and pretty images. I believe they are worth the extra $2. 

I got these gorgeous new colouring books from the ‘adults’ section in Big W this week. ($5 each) 

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